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Displaying all Checkbox data

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This is probably an oft answered question, but the searches I've done have not located an answer...

Is there a straight forward method of having FileMakerPro5 display all checkbox selections?

I have a registration form/layout where I'd like to use a few multiple selection fields, for instance; Attend Gathering where I would use a Value List that would include Thursday, Friday, Saturday, & Sunday.

On another form/layout I would like to list folks that have registered and show which days they plan to Attend the Gathering. Just using the field for the Attend Gathering (field) checkbox only displays the first selection made.

How can one display all selections made from checkboxes?

Thanks in Advance! - (:B)

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A way of doing something like this, is by having a separate Attend Gathering File, with a record for each possible Attend Gathering date (so four records for thursday....sunday).

Then define a relation from the Attend Gathering field in this new file to the same field in the existing file.

Finally list all folks for each day by using a portal displaying names from the existing file through this relation.

Hope this helps...


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Thanks for the help Ernst!

Hmmmm I think I see how this method would be done.... here's more than you wanted to know...

The Attend Gathering db would have a record for each individual's attendence, in this case, Thur., Fri., Sat. & Sun.. The Attend Gathering db would be related to the original db file - in this case the BWG db.

Since I intend to use this set of databases for a number of years, I will need to include a BWG Year field in each Attend Gathering db record.

I'm going to dive in and work on this method and will need to do so for about 6-8 different fields in my original BWG db that should be multiple selection fields. This is really more convoluted than first meets the eyes as the BWG db is also being related to another NAME db ... the relationship is such that a new BWG record is created when someone found in the NAME db is registered for our Gathering.

I have been using an ID field in the NAME db as a primary key for it and 3 other main db files; CAT for sort categories, CIBA for our organization membership specific fields and a PMT db for payments specific data. When I create a new BWG record I also use the NAME ID field and each BWG record includes a NAME ID field that makes the relationship.

I have also created a BWG LODGING db that has records for each of the Motels and Campsites that we reserve for each year's Gathering. That db has a record for each Motel or Campsite and the number of rooms or sites reserved and the date of the Gathering. This is used to assign rooms or campsites and adds data to BWG db records for each individual for each Gathering.

Seems that convoluted is a nice way of saying it... blush.gif) Whew! I'm just learning how to use FM and my head hurts!

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Hi Button, forgive me if this is a more basic reply than you can use, but years of tech support have taught me to always try the simplest solution first...

Have you tried expanding the text field (the one without checkboxes) to multiple lines? When you check more than one box, FM adds succeeding values preceded by a carriage return.


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Thanks all for the suggestions ...

...and especially for MoonShadow's suggestion! That works just great - simple, straight forward and usable for each of the multiple selection fields I have already.

This place rocks and I'm learning stuff - helpful stuff!

Thanks again! - (???: < ---- Yep, that's a Button!

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This topic is 7155 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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