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Error Number 4?

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Sigh, I hate frames.

I've been building this site for someone, and its all complete except for one stupid problem.

Here's the link:


I'm on OS X btw using FMPro 5.5

I can open the page fine in Safari, it works wonderfully.

When I try to open it in IE 5.2 for the Mac, my database driven form gets the error:

"Unable to process your request because the server enountered an unexpected condition. For more detail on error 4...blah blah"

When I look up error 4 in the help menu, I get the simple explanation:

4 Command is unknown

Not exactly informative. Also, I can open the troublesome frame just fine if its by itself:


Any idea what is wrong, or is anyone more clear on what exactly error 4 is and how its caused?

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By replacing:


in the Frameset page with this:


It seems to work. I found some corruption (hidden character) in the "-Find" string of the URL in the middle Frame. Hence, the "-4" Bad Command error.

Good Luck.


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This topic is 7145 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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