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Searching Checkboxes

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I want to find "North West" in a checkbox field. That field also contains the checkboxes: North East, South East, South West.

When I check North West in Find Mode, FMP pulls up all records North West entries and all with South West entries. To avoid this in a standard field, I would put quotations around my find request. Since, however, I am using checkboxes, I can't do this.

Does anyone know of anyway to do this find properly using the checkboxes and avoiding the option of omitting the South West entries?

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Originally posted by Kristine:

I can't enter == for an exact match while using checkboxes. Is there any other way?

1. Do not use a checkbox for your find.

2. Control your find via a script. Enter Find Mode, goto a layout with the field formatted with checkboxes, Pause Script. This will allow the user to enter thier find criteria. Resume script via a button, Set Field "==" & CheckBoxField, then Perform Find.

Since a field is simply formattted for display as a checkbox, but is still a basic text field you can do this while under script control, although there is no way to do this through the normal interface for finds.

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