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Global Container field calculations

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I'm having a lot of trouble with calculations involving global containers.

For example:

If I set up 2 global container fields and paste small graphics into the first.

the script:

set field ("field2"-2,"GetRepitition(field1; 1)")

just returns blank despite the fact field 1 contains a number of graphics in successive repetitions.

It all works fine for "field2"-1. But i cant set anything beyond the first repetition of field 2.

I dont understand it.

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Yes, Basically the problem is the GetRepetition step. It returns null for everything except the first. This has to be a software bug.

Sadly I bought Dev6 months before they released 7 and payed full price. Is it fair to be forced to upgrade because the software doesn't do what it's supposed to!

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In versions < 7, GetRepetition requires an addition for number, date, time, and text fields beyond the first repetition, i.e. GetRepetition( field, X ) & 0, GetRepetition( field, X ) & TextToDate( "" ), GetRepetition( field, X ) & TextToTime( "" ), and GetRepetition( field, X ) & "". There is no such workaround for container fields, however.

By the way, for the primary repetition, GetRepetition is not required. 'GetRepetition( field, 1 )' is the same as 'field'. Also, it's not needed for setting a field with the same repetition number, e.g. Set Field [field, -3, field2] sets field with the third repetition of field2. So GetRepetition is only needed when the repetition to be set is not the same number as the repetition being grabbed.

Unless you can tweak your file to match the repetitions, you'll probably have to resort to Copy/Paste, unfortunately.

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This topic is 6435 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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