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passing multiple parameters

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Hey all

I came across a problem when passing multiple parameters

I am currently working on a data base that logs errors when they occur, i use the error capture function and call a script when the error occur. A whole heap of parameters are passed to this script like get(username)... just a whole lot of stuff to tell me about the error and what type of environment it occured in.

here is a sample of the parameters passed to the script

"accountName = Get ( AccountName ); fieldContents = Get ( ActiveFieldContents ); fieldName = Get ( ActiveFieldName ); tblName = Get ( ActiveFieldTableName )"

I then use the evaluate function to split this up so i can get at each field

The problem is that when i call the evaluate function i have changed to a different layout to add these parameters in to there fields( because the error's table is not related to any other table)

and so the get(layoutname) function is executed for the error's layout not from where the error actually occured

So i guess my question is, is there anyway that I can get the environment atributes ie layoutName when the error occurs and then pass that as a parameter(meaning the values) - instead of the status functions which perform when the evaluate is called?

sorry its a bit vague

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You can set up a Global text field in the File in which the error occurs and set all the information into the global field, and then copy all the information before you move to the Errors File. Keep in mind the global field must be present on the layout if you want to copy the information it holds.

The best way to do this is to set up a constant relationship, and pass the information through an external script. You can then use the SetField function, and the field does not have to be present on the layout. In this example, your user never leaves the Layout where the error occurs, and you capture all the information you need on the layout where the error occured.

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Anybody else find the carriage return after the last entry annoying whenever you use leftvalues, middlevalues, or rightvalues functions?

I see the reasoning behind putting them between values, but after the last value? what's the point?

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This topic is 6438 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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