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go to related record -- layout <unknown>

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Hmm... I have a large database solution (not in terms of records -- not yet, anyway; but it has over 50 layouts, several of them fairly complex; I have separated all but one table's data from the interface and access them through file references, and there are numerous scripts.

Two of my scripts (which were working just fine until recently) now exhibit this behavior:

When I use the script step "Go to Related Record", I specify both a table, and a layout based on that table. The popup in the Options box for the script step lists the layouts, but when I click OK after choosing one, the script itself lists it as <unknown>, as in:

Go to Related Record [ ... Using layout: <unknown>]

I tried selecting "Layout name by calculation..." and entering the name of the layout, which did not work. I then tried switching back, and the layout is still reading as <unknown>. They seem fine in the popup list!

Does anyone know anything that might help with this?

The behavior occurs for multiple tables, some of which have multiple layouts available (and it occurs for all of the layouts -- I checked two on one of them).

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I am having problems with my scripts, but on closer investigation, the problem seems to be with sorting. I will look for other related posts, and failing that, start a new one...

The problem occurs when sorting manually (outside of a script) as well, so it does not seem to be a script-specific problem.

Thank you.

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This topic is 6433 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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