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Week Ending value list - auto

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Hi - schoolboy stuff this for you brainiacs but I'm new to this, especially scripting and calculations!

I need to make a value list that automatically determines the week ending dates for the year. Currently you just 'edit...' the list and input it manually, but I want FM to calculate it so I dont have to worry about getting it wrong! How on this earth do I do that?






If you can help it would be appreciated, I'm not built for FM, give me audio or design any day!

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Hello John,

There are any number of different approaches you might use to achieve automated updates to the value list you have described. Here is one.

Define a new table called 'Resources' with only a single record, and with a number field called 'RefYear', a global date field called 'gDateTemp' and a text field called 'FridayDatesList'. Then set up a script called 'ReferenceDates' and define it along the lines of:

Freeze Window

Go to Layout [ Resources ]

If [ Resources:: RefYear notequal.gif Year( Get ( CurrentDate ) ]

Set Field [ Resources:B) RefYear; Year( Get ( CurrentDate ) ) ]

Set Field [ Resources::gDateTemp; Let(X = Date(1; 1; Resources::RefYear); X + 6 - DayOfWeek(X)) ]

Set Field [ Resources:: FridayDatesList; Substitute(GetAsText(Resources::gDateTemp); "/"; "-") ]


Set Field [ Resources::gDateTemp; Resources::gDateTemp + 7 ]

Exit Loop If [ Year(Resources::gDateTemp) notequal.gif Resources:: RefYear ]

Set Field [ Resources::FridayDatesList; Resources:: FridayDatesList &

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If and when FileMaker fixes the problem with related repetitions, this will be much easier to implement and not require a script, as it doesn't in 5.5. For now it's your best option, unfortunately.

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Note that it is record dependent. If you want to get a list for a different year, you have to create a new record with your computer's date settings changed to a different year. Since the calculation must be stored for a value list, it will not update automatically when the date changes.

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This topic is 7047 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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