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Opening files

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Here is my most recent headache...

When I am working on my test application, I have the whole database on my D: drive and I switch to "none" for network protocol.

When it's time to put the application in production on a server, I simply copy my test database over to the server (TCP/IP).

Here is the problem: when running the application, it uses some files from my PC (not the server)... I noticed that some scripts show... Open ["filexyz.fp5"] and other scripts have mysteriously changed to ... Open ["fileabc.fp5 (*)"].

What is the (*) for?

If I edit the script and reselect the file (when protocol is none) the (*) goes away. But it eventually comes back. How? I don't know.

If I select the file when protocol is TCP/IP it actually puts my PC IP address...

(all files are set to multi-user sharing, all but one are hidden shared).

If someone knows about this, please reply or at least direct me to where I should be reading...

Thanks in advance

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The suggestion of renaming the files is not the best since I would have to revisit the scripts (that specifically calls the open file function). I would need to do this operation back and forth since this particular application is constantly changing.

So far, what has worked for me is this: after copying the test database to the server I had to create a new folder move the test database to it (I want to keep a copy as a "backup" or a trace of my changes). As long as the files are in their original location, Filemaker wants to open those files (on my PC). After moving them, Filemaker does not have a problem to open the server files, as it should... (no error) a bit strange

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This topic is 7311 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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