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Distinct values - Gathering stats

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I really need help on this issue.. Will try to explain the problem short and clear.

I have a database of documents. Documents are organized into categories. Documents can be categorized by types (just normal text titles, like "Archive", "Accounting", etc). Any document can belong to multiple types at the same time. List of possible document types can be extended dynamically by a user.

So, I have soemthing like that:

Categories -> Document(s) -> Document type(s)

What I need, is for any category, to be able to get list of types of documents which are located in this category.

Well, if for any other problem I could at least think of a way to solve it, in this current case I can't think of anything that makes sense.. Well, I can store list of Types for each document in a text field, and during gathering stats operation just create a bigger global text field containing all the types values of all documents in current category. But in this case, how do I sort out distinct values?

I'm confused.. crazy.gif" border="0 Any advices are greatly appriceated!



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You need a second file. The first file is Documents, the second (related file) is Categories in which a record is a document/category/type. If a document has multiple categories/types, it will have multiple entries in this second file. Now documents have multiple entries in this file and can be sorted and summarized into multiple categories and/or types. A portal in Documents can be used to create and view the assignments of category and type for a document.


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This topic is 7272 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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