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Set field script step

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I have an ORDER/INVOICE parent file which has an ORDER LINE child file. In each ORDER LINE record, a specification is made using join fields from a FRAME file and a FABRIC file ( my company makes sofa beds), and also includes quantity and price fields.

When the specification of each ORDER LINE is confirmed ( or later amended ), the script(s) include a subscript which updates an audit field in the ORDER/INVOICE file. (This field logs all entries and changes made to that ORDER/INVOICE's ORDER LINES)

It's a 1 line script in the ORDER LINE file:

Set field (Order|Invoice ??? rder_audit, Order|invoice ??? rder_audit & c_order_line_summary)

c_order_line_summary is a concatenated text field using a combination of CurrentStatus fields and fields from the ORDER LINE and FRAME and FABRIC files.

The whole element of the program works exactly as I want it to, but the problem is that it doesn't always !. There seems no pattern to it. All the fields include data to produce the calculated field, so there's no difference there. I get no error message and the rest of the script works just fine.It fails around 20% of the time.

We run FM 5.5 on 2 new PCs.

Any help greatly appreciated.

Andrew Bruno

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This topic is 7253 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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