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Need advice on delivery addresses...

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Hi peeps,

Another question. I have this dropdown list (menulist) that has a list of delivery addresses. But the thing is I want a "As above" option somewhere that allows the user to select the same address as the address invoiced to.

Ideally I want the as above option to be within the dropdown list as the default option.

Anyone done this type of problem before? I was wondering how did people tackle such a problem? There is probably an easy answer to this.


Steve Griff

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This is pretty easy, once you understand the concept. Make the second address a calculated field. First, you'll need the following fields (names are your choice).

BillAddress (text)

ShipAddress (text)

cShipAddress (calculation, text) =

Case(ShipAddress = "As Above", BillAddress, ShipAddress)

On your layout, make the cShipAddress field opaque and format it to uncheck "allow entry" (I know it's a calculation, I'll explain later). Assign your value list to the ShipAddress field (not the cShipAddress field). Stack the cShipAddress field on top of the ShipAddress field. Add "As Above" to your address value list, how depends upon what type of value list your have (you may have to add a dummy record with this as an address).

The way this works is when you click on the ship address you are directed to the bottom field ShipAddress, because cShipAddress is set to not "allow entry". When you select and release the menu, the cShipAddress field is set and being on top displays either the address you selected or the address entered in BillAddress.

Hope this makes sense.


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This topic is 7260 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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