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Find date and time range....

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Hi everyone,

I have a database that has a record creation date and time.

I want to search for records that were created AFTER 3:00 pm yesterday and later.

Question 1- Is there a better field that combines date and time??

Question 2- Should I create a field that combines (somehow) the date and time?

Question 3- How do I search for yesterday? (//-1 or Today-1 don't work in a FIND)

Thanks in advance- This forum is soooo helpful.


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Try the following steps:

Enter Find Mode []

Insert Text [select, DateField, ">"]

Insert Calculated Result [DateField, "DateToText(Status(CurrentDate) - 1)"]

Insert Text [select, TimeField, ">"]

Insert Calculated Result [TimeField, "15:00:00"]

Perform Find[]

DateField and TimeField should be replaced with your field names. Make sure "select" isn't checked on the Insert Calculated steps or you will wipe out the ">" already entered.


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This will return records created after 3:00 yesterday, but none from this morning right?

Can I just add another request at this point?

Thanks- this helps, and is awesome!!


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