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Insert Text problem

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I have a script that copy's values from one field and pastes them into a validation field, the problem is that I get an error stating "End of text block limit". There are 30 fields, some of which are empty, the script goes into each field copy's the value and pastes it into the validation field. After the text is inserted into the validation field it's format is all over the place. eg.

J Bloggs

j Bloggs

Does anyone know what causes this. Obviously it's because too much text is going into the vlidation field. Within a script is this loop, is it ok


Exit loop if (Day = Day)

Set field (Day + 1)

Copy (Current field)

Paste (Validation Field)

Go to next field

Go to field

End Loop

It may seem odd to have 'Go to next field' and 'Go to field', but unless I put this in the whole script doesn't work?


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The end of text block limit means you have entered 64,000 characters in the current text field.

As to the formatting, are you using text formats in your main fields, such as title case, uppercase etc.

Can you buzz the file over to me off list and I can look at it for you now?

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no I don't work for microsoft. (But I wonder if I could get a commission ).

But occasionally, seeing their files in front of you can greatly improve your ability to give an accurate response to their question, would you not agree.

Otherwise, we are roaming around in the dark, trying to find the lightswitch that shoud be by the door, but has instead been placed on the floor! (eh, what....anyway)

Sometimes, the answers are simple, yet othertimes, when you get only a brief description of the problem as this post, with no details of what the validation is then seeing the files will make the response quicker.

I remember one, where someone was trying to get data from one portal to another.

We could have hashed around on the list guessing what might be the problem.

I received the files and within 30 seconds found the cause of the problem and sent the files back with a fix.

Saved a lot of backwards and forwards travel on the lists.

Does the field exist?

Are you going to the correct portal?

Why use copy, use set field?

No don't do that, do this?

..... and so on.

But, once fixed, If it is a particular solution that could help the community, I will post the details of the problem ad the fix that it took to get them out of the problem.

I enjoy the banter with all of you guys and am always impressed with the level of responses we all manage to give. (loved your joke by the way....so I bit him!! (but it would only rate 4 stars ).

Being an avid member of the filemaker community and an fsa member, I enjoy being able to give a bit back to those that are just coming through the fields of development. Their databases are always secure, and once the problem is sorted then they are wiped from my machine.

I hope that my request for files is not a breach of ethics, but sometimes it just helps.

PS. Good to see you reached 5 stars!, was it the joke that helped do you think!)

[ March 05, 2002, 08:51 AM: Message edited by: Andy Gaunt ]

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This topic is 7174 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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