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Script ''Save a copy''

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Why is it that when I activate the script ''Save a copy as...'' to backup a database, I have the following message: -There may not be enough disk space to complete this operation. FileMaker will not be able to open the file if this operation fails. Proceed anyway?-

I have: FMP5,Windows XP Pro, with 512MB, 266MHZ, 80GB. It did not do that on the Mac I had till 2 weeks ago. I am a little bit alarmed. Somebody has an answer? Thanks

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If the file is multi-user and there is more than one person using it, the Save a Copy As... command cannot be used.

This may not explain your error though...

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If you "Save a Copy As.." to a volume/folder other than the current active folder, you will sometimes get this message. version 4 gave this message all the time, but version 5 and 5.5 seems to have resolved some of the issue.

I think it is just a message to let the user know that FileMaker has not checked the volume/folder to see if there is enought disk space to save the copy.

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I can confirm that I've never had this on a Mac but that it has appeared regularly at work on a Windows network.

At my work, we have a nominal maximum size allowed for our personal "H" drives. We are warned each logon if we have exceed this but we are still allowed to save files and exceed it. Just that the number of message repetitions gets greater each logon until you get tired of them and decide to do something about it.

I have found that the message you describe appears at work when you are approaching the limit (not actually exceeding it yet) of the notional H drive size. Increasing this notional drive size makes the problem go away.

Having said all that, after the warning FMP goes ahead and saves without problems.

We're using FMP 5.0.3 (no server)

Russ Baker

Canberra, Australia

The Land of TWOGM

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This topic is 7165 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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