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FM Server 5.0: Run External Program On Server

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We run the server on a Windows NT 4 server. The server is accessed by both Mac & Win.

I want the user to initiate an action by clicking a button -> this will perform a find, export, send message, open url.

I set this up on my local machine no problem. Now I want it to work across the network. The find & export steps work fine. Now I need to know how to get the send message step to work. I am calling a program on Server1 at location c:myprogram.exe.

The script step I use is:

Send Message [Event Specification: Program: <unknown>, Event Class: aevt, Event ID: odoc, Event Text: c:myprogram.exe, Bring application to foreground ]

I also tried "Event Text: server1myprogram.exe".

I am hoping this is not one of the things FMP cannot handle...so the question is, can FMP run an application on the server when initiated from a workstation on the network?


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There is a tool in the Windows NT Server Resource Kit, which makes it possible to start a service across the network.

You can find more info about it by search for "netsvc" on the Internet and on these URLs:

JSI FAQ netsvc

JSI FAQ Using netsvc in batch

I've used netsvc myself to start and stop FM Server remotely from a workstation and that works fine.

Now, if the program you want to run does not run as a service, you can make a program run as a service with other tools on the Resource Kit CD. Instructions are found here:

HOWTO: Create a user-defined service

Good luck!


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Just another thing: Even though it's possible to do it this way, there might be security reasons that you do not want to allow user's accounts and workstations to run a service/program across the network on a server.

It does relax security a bit and could make the server more vulnerable to attack - but this might not be an issue for you?


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This topic is 7157 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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