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sequencial find with results in portal. Please Help

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Hello, I have a tape library database that is a single file. I need to have a "Checkout" layout where the user can enter the tape barcode number in a global find field, press a button, and the find result be placed in a portal window on the same layout and the cursor back in the find field after the find. After entering 10 tapes and 10 "Button Finds" there should be 10 results in the portal window. Is this possible>

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Global? Portal? As Keith would say, "Simplify".

It appears you want people to be able to find several tapes. OK, create a "Find" list layout with a button to create new find requests. That way, people can just enter the tape number in the field and create as many requests as they like (or you can script the button to ensure that there are no more than, say, 10 requests).

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are you using this in a multi user scenarion.

If yes then this should work.

Create a global field [text] guser

Create a mark field [mark tape] text field

Create a global counter field [number] gnumber

Create a relatioship from guser to mark tape [Tapes_gUser]

Create a relationship from your gFind to the barcode number [Tapes_gFind]

Now on your layout add a portal for this new relationship.

Add your global find (we will call it gFind) and away we go.

Script for the button, (No find mode).

If gCounter = 10

Show message "You already have 10 tapes"

Exit Script

End If

Set Field [gUser, Status(CurrentUserName)

Set Field [Tapes_gUser, If (IsEmpty(Tapes_gUser::Mark tape), gUser, Tapes_gUser::Mark tape & " " & gUser]

Set Field [gCounter, gCounter + 1

Exit Record Request

Go To Field gFind

this will enable you to add ten tapes to a portal.

Now you can find the marked tapes by Status(CurrentUserName)

Before you come to this screen you will want to clear out any previous tapes found.

Write a script

Set Field [ gUser, Status(CurrentUserName)

Go To Related Records [show only related Tapes_gUser

Go To Record [first]


Set field [mark tape , substitute (mark, guser, "")

Go To Record [next, exit after last]

Try this and let me know how you get on.


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This topic is 7158 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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