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Care to take a look at what I've made?

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If this is not the proper forum, I apologize to the mods.

Care to look at what I'm working on? It's a tech. inventory, the one I use myself at work. People around the office have told me they like it, and I've decided to see if I can spiff it up enough to be donationware. I'd appreciate any attention you care to pay it, and any feedback you care to send my way.

Here it is. FM 7. Thanks so much, I look forward to your extremely valuable feedback.

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Nice job. Here are a some ideas:

Consider adding fields for tracking equipment status and value:

Aquisition Date

Disposal Date


Disposal Value

Status (either calculated by dates or manually entered.)

Warranty Expiration Date

HD Size may also be useful for some people

Admin Account Name and Password

I know what you're thinking; once you start adding all these fields you lose the elegance. Well, it's best to start with a design that will have some flexibility, that why I tend to use tabbed layouts.

Some other UI things: I like it better when List View does not have editable fields if there is an Edit screen that is supposed to be used. Same with portals. I found the naviagtion between screens confusing; some of the buttons were not located where it seems like they should be. I'd also suggest filtering the navigation portal on the browse screen by Category or Hub. How about a Print option for printing a list of equipment with active Service History items.

Anyway, thanks for sharing. It takes some guts to show your design to experts.

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