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Exporting records to a text file

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I have a script that is exporting records from FMPro into a text file (created in the script using applescript) The file creation is fine.

I keep having an error saying, "no fields selected for export" - or something along those lines. I have tried putting a 'select all' statement ahead of the export funtion, however this seems to have no effect.

The export works if I uncheck the 'perform wihtout dialog' box - It prompts with a select fields for export box, which you then have to manually select which fields are to be exported.

Does anyone have any idea how you select the fields for export (preferably only the fields that are in the selected Lay).




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Perform the export manually, selecting the fields you want to export.

Go back to scriptmaker, and select (open) your script. Click the 'done' button. You'll get a message window asking if you want to keep or replace the export order. Select 'replace'. The script will now always revert to that export order.

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I have been using this method for exporting records, which works ok - the trouble is it keeps reseting and I have to keep redoing the export order. Is there a better way of doing this?

It is a shared database and has multiple users - does this affect the export order?

Also, should I set the export order on the machine that the database actually resides on or can it be set by any machine that has loaded the database through hosts?

Anyones help would be appreciated.


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I think you need to open the file with master access to allow your export order to 'stick' to the script.

Perform the export manually

Open the script (DO NOT RUN IT !)

Close the script

Replace the EXPORT ORDER

Bear in mind you can only have one stored export sequence in a script.

I tend to create a one line script that satisfies the export/find/print etc.., and then call that as a subscript from the main script. That way I can have as many stored script parameters as I need for a given procedure. The one liners are also re-usable in other scripts !


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This topic is 7111 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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