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How To View Single Record Of Multi-Line Portal

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I have two databases, Parent and LineItems. I want to be able to display a selected description of the data in a portal with numerous items. I then want to display all the information of one record in a large, single record portal. Finally, I want to show the user which line item is select in the portal by highlighting the portal row.

Currently, I am setting a number field with a Max( LineItem::Serial_# ) + 1 and a decsending sort to highlight and dislplay the current record in the single portal. It does cause me a little grief when a line item is duplicated or deleted.

Does anyone have another approach?


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Make the highlight a calculation of Case( Parent::global = serial, highlight ). When a row is selected, Set Field [global, LineItem::serial].

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Used a concatenated key in the LineItems file:

KeyField & "_" & Serial


Set Field [ KeySinglePortal , KeyField & "_" & LineItems::Serial ]

(KeySinglePortal as a text field)

Thank you.

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