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Record count on portal

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Hi All,

I'm going blind....I thought there was a function that gives the number of

lines in a portal?? Not the current portal row.

I am trying to stop a user from adding more then x-number of lines in a portal.

If you have any suggestions...go for it, i'm all ears!!


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A portal is a representation of your related table which could be quite longer than 'lines in the portal.' You need Count(PortaldRelationship::KeyID).

So you want to stop Users from adding more than X number of records to the related table? At all? Or only through this portal? Do you allow new records to be created in the portal (with Allow Creation on)?

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the portal represents a printed form that only has space for 15 line items.

So far what i have done is remove the sroll bar on the portal so that the user

is not tempted to keep adding lines beyond the 15 max.(per record)

I also have the count function you describe with an info line that says

"Line x of 15 MAX" the it goes to red when the user is at line 14 & 15.

What i guess i could do is after 15 lines switch the user the an identical

layout but this time with a portal that does not allow for the

creation of records.

I was just wondering if there was a better way.


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