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I have ongoing trouble with "Print Setup" in scripts.

We have 2 printers on the network, a colour bubblejet that we use for Window card photos and a laser for reports.

When I setup a script to print a picture on the bubblejet (replace current print setup after exiting script) this doesn't seem to be "remembered" by other users. (The "server" has the bubble jet as its default printer and the other PC's on the network the laser so that when they do a photo it goes to the laser instead.

ie in simple terms it appears the the print setup script step remembers the setup but not the printer and defaults to their default printer not the printer in the script???

ditto, we use output to Adobe PDF writer to generate PDF's to e-mail but again it doesnt seem to remember the printer.

I get around it by a message warning users to select the correct printer but somtimes they forget (or ignore) and consequently get protos on the B & W laser or reports churning out on the "expensive" bubble jet.

It would be nice if I coule get the script to remember the printer, not just the setup.

Is there a way to do this??

Comments appreciated

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This topic is 7133 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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