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Passing Find Criteria between Databases

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Hello. I have a question regarding a script/find that I think is most likely an easy thing to do, but yet I have not been able to find the solution;

I have two databases- one is a cookbook, the second a wine list. I have created a pull-down list in the cookbook for pairing suggestions, which pulls wine type from the "Type" field in my Wine Database. What I would like to be able to do is have a button in my cookbook which opens the Wine Database (I've gotten that far) and then uses the criteria from the "Pairing" field in the cookbook to do a search in the "Type" field in the Wine Database. So basically if I have the pairing as Pinot Grigio, and I click the [find] button, it will open my Wine Database and display all records for Pinot Grigio that I have in the database.

Is this possible? Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

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Create a relationship from the Pairing field to the Type field and use the Go to Related Record [show only related, yourrelationship] script step.

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