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Safari vs. IE6 (Win)

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Can't understand why this works in Safari, but not in IE6 (WinXP) over Instant Web Publishing:

I have a portal. Over a row, I've laid a transparent button so users can click on the portal row and it executes a script that takes them somewhere else. Works fine when I'm in Safari, but IE6 doesn't "see" the button (no "finger" appears).

I do have Javascript enabled in both browsers.

This is driving me NUTS. Any ideas?



(I'm starting to hate windows again.)

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Try the following: group the fields together and make them a button. You might need to group them with a rectangle behind them to make it a solid target.

As to why it's happening, I'd wager that it is related to IE's *** poor support for modern layout standards, which FM seems to use pretty extensively.

Just move everyone to FireFox, and you'll be set! :o-)


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