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HELP on a calculated field to restrict users

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School system using 5.0. 5.5 and 6.0 with a combination of Macs and PCs. Have a report card database where the teacher logs into their grade layout. Layouts are restricted by password. They do a FIND on the teacher field (a related field in the students database) to get their students. Then proceed to grade the students. We were having trouble with teachers being able to go back the click on the teacher field (which is a drop down value list of the teachers in their grade) and clicking another teacher while in browse mode, thus messing up the class lists. I added a second teacher field = to the related teacher field. This is the field they now do the FIND on. It is not modifiable, BUT a message comes up that says "unindexed records to search...processing field".... it solved the problem of the teachers not being able to modify, but it sure slows down the FIND. What did I do wrong....I was proud of myself for restricting the modification problem, but I don't think this was the correct solution. The users are people, some of whom have never seen FileMaker before. Can anyone please help - we are in the middle of grading. THANKS

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You're doing a find on an unstored calculated field equal to a related field. This will indeed take a while. Why not just attach a script to the button that tests

If [not Status(CurrentMode) and not IsEmpty(teacher)]

Show Custom Dialog ["A teacher has already been assigned to this record. Do you want to specify a different one?"]

If [status(CurrentMessageChoice) = 2] {"No" option}

Exit Script

End If

End If

Go to Field [Teacher]

This will pop up the message only if you are in Browse Mode and the teacher field is not empty. You'll need to remove the field from the Tab order, so that it can only be clicked to trigger the script.

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