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Set Windows Size

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These two custom functions will make it easier to determine the dimensions of a new window

all you need to do is to make a mental note of the size of your background image

or create a rectangle starting at 0 x 0 pixels (upper left) and then size it to fit the

area you want. Then the H & W of this rectangle is used when you create a new

window via a script.

Use the custom functions below in the window h & w fields of the dialog it will

take in to consideration the scroll bar/ & title bar and on both platforms.

SetWindowHeight (height)

height + Case (Get (SystemPlatform) = -1; 37;54)

SetWindowWidth (width)

width + Case (Get (SystemPlatform) = -1; 15;27)

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Also add 3 pixels to your width if your target layout is a List view

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