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Setting up a day from 8pm - 8pm?


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I think this is the right forum for this question!?

I need to be able to search for all records within 8pm last night and 8pm today which has obvious difficulties to it since it spans over two days. And I want it to automatically via a script to print out at 8pm each evening. Also there is other problems from here on which I've posted on the Script Forum regarding automatically selecting which printer for each report whether its labels, Letter headed form or plain paper. The self acclaimed King of problems on the Forum!

How do I do a FIND of all records entered from YESTERDAY 8pm until 8pm today and then get it to SUM this information into a report that states how many sales have been processed during this time?

I hope there's enough information here to find a solution - Thanks everyone


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The easiest way is using the oAzium Date & Time Plugin..

You create a multi-keyed relationship then goto related records.

or with a find:

Fill in the date field with first yesterday's date and the time field 20:00 new request today's date and time field 20:00.

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Happy new year everyone!

How do you do an automated script? Because this would be the answer to the problem! If at 8pm I could make a number=number+1, then between the hours of 8pm and 7:59pm the next evening, every transaction or new record would have a number that is in common which I could use to search with.

I still do not understand how to make it automated without the use of some plug-in - I know it should be possible to get it to do it.

Please help

Thanks guys n guls

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Create a field that is the concatination of the date and time.

Each record will have the following: 01032002 1935 (or some variation)

Then create a global text field that will contain every Combination between

Yesterday at 8pm to Today at 8pm. seperated by returns

01022002 2000

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This topic is 7480 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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