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PDFs close automatically?

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Hi, all. We are trying to make a file that contains a bunch of PDF documentation. Two of us have worked on the file, myself and my boss. We both insert PDFs into a container field the same way, namely:

1. Right-click the field

2. Select Insert Object and then Create From File

3. Browse to the PDF or enter the path

4. Uncheck the "Link" and "Display As Icon" boxes

5. Click OK

For the PDFs that the boss has inserted, when a user double-clicks the contatiner field, the appropriate PDF is opened in Acrobat Reader as expected, with the title "Acrobat Document in FIlename.fp5" in the title bar. However (and here's the kicker), the next mouse-click inside of Filemaker causes Acrobat to close unless that click is inside the container field. It is as if de-activating that field closes Adobe.

All that is understandable, if less-than-desirable. But what really confuses me is that the PDFs i insert do not exhibit the same behavior. That is, if you double-click the container field, the PDF opens in Acrobat, and the title bar shows the original pathname for the PDF. Any actions inside of Filemaker do not affect this Acrobat session. In fact, Acrobat stays open even if FM is closed.

Behavior seems to be consistent with what i described above when the fp5 is moved to a third machine, so i don't believe it is a reference issue. I've tested it with Adobe 6 and Adobe 4, so i don't think it is an Adobe issue. Any ideas on where i should look to figure out what we are doing differently?

I have attached the Filemaker 6 file if you want to see the behavior. The first record holds a PDF that he inserted, and which (for us) closes as soon as you click elsewhere within FM; the second record holds one i inserted, and which should not close no matter what you do in FM.

Thanks for any help you can give!



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I converted pdfs.fp5 to pdfs.fp7. The PDF in record 2 loads fine and stays. The PDF in record 1 doesn't load at all. QuinTech, try deleting the first PDF and re-inserting it; something may have gotten corrupted.

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Thanks, TP, i will try that. FWIW, there are actually 44 PDFs that exhibit the same behavior as that first one; i deleted 43 just to save space. If there is something corrupt, then it must be due to something on the boss's OS, as that is the only thing (AFAICT) that is not common to the way we insert these PDFs.


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This topic is 6573 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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