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FM Pro to Server, but I still need to share

Stephen Gobin

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Ok we upgraded to Server 7 so we can have more than 5 users on at one time, but now we can not publish the files to the web. I don't think there is a way to do it other than going with advanced server. My boss thinks otherwise. First I tried running both Pro and Server on the same box. The option to share on Pro is grayed out. Next I installed pro on a windows server, and then connected remotely to the Xserve, but I still could not share. Now I am trying to place the FM file on another server, and have both the windows box and the Xserve serve up the same file. When I go to the FM Server admin and pick another DB path of a mapped drive, I keep getting an invalid path error. Does anybody have any info, either to get it to work or to prove to my boss that it can not be done. Thank you for your time and effort.


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First, I agree with you that you need the advanced server if you want to share on the web.

When you are opening a file, that is hosted on a fm server, you cannot share this file on web from your client. If a filemaker file is hosted on a fm server, the only one that can host the file on the web is the fm server. For that scenario, you need the fms advanced.

If you want a work around, you need to have 2 files. 1 hosted on fm server and 1 hosted on a client, which serves this file to the web. BUT ! you can only have 5 concurrent web users and you'll have to make a sync routine to make this work.

I would say that the workaround would cost a lot more in time than the money you need to spend on the advanced option.

...by the way... if a file is in use by one application, the other one will not have access. This is simply beccause file systems cannot act as a database server !


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This topic is 6630 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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