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Exporting from summary report = a Problem


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I posted discussions on this topic last June. Six months later, I'm still having problems with it. (I went off onto other projects, but have now come back to this one).

In FMP7, I'm maintaining an investments database (stocks, mutual funds etc.) and I have a report that summarizes transactions for each investment, by year. The report works fine and is correct.

However, when I export it to an external file (I've tried various formats, for further processing by Excel) some of the figures are not exported correctly. Most are OK, but some are simply dropped or ignored, while other figures are incomplete (e.g. 5000 instead of 25000). This is very disconcerting because it results in erroneous results in my Excel spreadsheet which I use to calculate IRR -- the rate of return -- for each investment.

It's only through laborious manual verification that I've discovered this problem. I can't trust FileMaker. Is there a totally reliable way to export summarized data from FMP7?______ confused.gif

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Thanks for the suggestion. I'm not sure how to apply it in my situation.

I've got around the problem by changing my report script to write out the summary figures to another table. Then I export that table (.mer format) and read it into Excel. Works perfectly.

However, the Filemaker script is INCREDIBLY SLOW!!! ....takes a good five minutes (really!) to process about 1200 records. At least it's my cue to take a well-deserved stretch break!

I find FileMaker is much slower than MS Access for accomplishing the same task. Don't know why....

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This topic is 6640 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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