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creating relationship from a popup


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What is the elegant way to create a relationship using key fields using a popup menu and without showing the key field in the popup?

What I do now is make sure the popup field (drawn from the to-be-related record, say, a product name) is useable as a temporary key and place it in the originating record. This defines a temporary relationship using those two fields. The foreign key field in the originating record is set to auto-enter the other's prime key using the relationship defined by the popup entry and then the key-field relationship is used exclusively after that.

This works but it's a kludge. It requires a field that is only used for that purpose and that field winds up duplicating data in another table. It also exposes the link for a brief time to all the problems that come with not-necessarily-unique link fields.

Is there a more-elegant way to make that link using a popup without showing the key value (yuk!)? I'm sure this has been answered somewhere in this forum, but my searches either came up empty or found more than I could wade through.

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This topic is 6630 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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