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Conversions or Matrix Table problems


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I had this unsolved problem I'd like to solve with the 7's update I'm building.

Basically, the company buy and sell items.

In the Catalog Table, each item has a Manufacturer Packaging and a Purchase Unit as a standard.

But the sale units may differ from the purchase units, and depending wether the product is bought from the Manufacturer or from a Wholesaler, they may be up to 3 possible Purchase/Selling unit systems entered in the line items, but the result entered should always reflect our price policy.

Examples :

1) a pot of glue of 25 Kgs

purchaseUnit ??? Kgs

saleUnit : pot (of 25 Kgs)

2 pots of glue (25 Kgs) purchased 2 x 25 x .5

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I understand this might not have been correctly explained.

Here's a file that should explain better what I'm looking for.

Thanks for any input. smirk.gif

The attachment was updated. Each product selected has a comment field where I did say what the result of the conversions should be, but I have no clue at the moment how to evaluate this at the fly.


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--Case Solved--

For information, the solution is rather complex.

It requires that each possible switch be stored in a separate Table with for example :

Category ??? Tiles

PurchaseUnit : SqM

SellingUnit : PC

Conversion Formulae

A link to that table on both the Category, Purchase Unit and SellingUnit, and an auto-entered value set to recalculate (with a flag included to lock it) includind nested Evaluation ( ) and Lookup ( ) function.

The formulae evaluated from the context of each Table is like PurchasePrice / Nbitems, each being a field looked up (in line items) to which I'd append the Table Name and the semicolons.

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This topic is 6637 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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