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find wackyness


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Using fm7 dev on OSX and Win XP.

Has anyone been unable to find a record by searching by it's primary key but able to find the record when doing a find all?

I have atleast one record doing this to me, I can find others, but atleast one will not show up for me at all. This is being used in a invoice with line items situation, when i go into the line items file, I can't find the line item records by useing the invoice id either.

My find scripts are simply to jump to a different layout where the fields have a yellow background, and a button that runs perform find is all. Can't think that anything goofy is going on.

Any info, is appreciated!

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This is a blind find, for when a specific invoice is desired and the invoice id is known.

I only mentioned that I couldn't find invoice id in the line items file by performing a find for them because I thought it was weird that I couldn't find the invoice id in that file as well even tho a find all will show them.

This occurs even after doing a find all in the invoice and line item files. The record is there, I just can't find it by performing a find for it from find mode.

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Understood, but it would probably be faster to find the invoice in Invoices and then GTRR to the line items. Just an FYI.

Do your Invoice IDs contain letters? Perhaps the field is defined as a number in Line Items.

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I'm starting to regret mentioning not being able to find the invoice id in the line items file as I origionaly thought it was an oddity and hoped it would point out some known issue.

Invoices are queried from the invoice file as they should be. I'm using serial unique keys as recomended by captkurt and outlined in:


I used this as a retrofit to this database to solve a problem I was having with the line items of any given invoice just changing to another invoice causing inconsistancies. It was using auto enter serials before changing to the serial unique.

I'm certain all the fields are set as outlined in that guide.

I can find other invoice id's by doing the find in the invoice file. However I have atleast one invoice id that does not come back from a find request but is there during a find all.

Perhaps I need to contact filemaker with this issue as it seems to be extremely unusual.

thanks for checking this out.

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I have since done a find based on some of the other information like client name and I can find this invoice that way, just there's something weird this this particular invoice id apparently the unique serial value that was givin it is:


And I'm gathering that having the punctuation in the key is why I can't search for it. I checked some of the other keys that had the "?" and don't have any punctuation and they return records.

Guess I'm going to have to modifiy CaptKurt's code to strip out punctation.

I would attach an example, but this is from a 14 file solution, and just those files alone stripped of all the other records is 5 megs (must be alot of graphics on some of the layouts makin them huge).

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This topic is 6627 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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