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Checking for Duplicated Fields with Import

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I have 2 Databases, 'Quotations' and 'PO Request'

From the Quotation Database I Generate a PO Request using 2 sub-scripts.

(1) Find Current Quotation Number

(2) Perform an external Sub-script.

This external sub script is in the 'PO Request Database' and just Imports the required fields for that Quote from 'Quotations' to 'PO Request'. One of the Fields I import is the Quotation number given as Qnnnnn.

Within the PO Request database I have another field called a 'PO Ref Number' that copies the data from the imported 'Quotation No. field and Substitutes a 'P' to give the Pnnnnn PO Ref Number with the same nnnnn part.

Because there can be a number of PO Requests created from the same Quotation Number I have also added another field in the PO Request database called 'suffix'. This field will have an entry of either 1,2,3 etc so that for the same Qnnnnn say generated 3 times I should have a corrosponding Pnnnnn 1, Pnnnnn 2 and Pnnnnn 3.

Now I've setup this 'suffix' field to

(1) have a data value of '1'

(2) not empty

and I've setup a 'Dupe Ckeck' Field to validate if the Pnnnnn + suffix combination already exists

My problem is that if I generate a PO request from a Quote, say Q00100, I get the correct PO Request Number of 'P00100' and Suffix of '1' (i.e PO ref No. + Suffix).

If I generate a PO Request again from the same Quote of Q00100 it again creates a P00100 + the suffix '1' but it doesn't see that that 'PO Ref NO' + 'Suffix' already exists even though validation is setup.

But the Dupe check does work because when I manually delete the suffix number of '1' from that second record and try to enter a '1' again then validation kicks in with a Message telling me that the PO Ref No + Suffix already exists.

Is there some issue with Generating the 'PO request by using the import option and checking if the field values already exist?

Hope this post makes sense!

Any help would be appreciated

Thank You

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AFAIK, validation does not occur when importing. However, can you use the option to 'update matching records in current found set' and match up the PO Ref NO and Suffix fields? Make sure to find all records that need to be updated before performing the import or the match will fail.

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This topic is 6633 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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