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Pug @ the Apple Store

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I will be attending the Apple Store's presentation on FileMaker Wednesday night @ Fashion Valley

I will be handing out cards for the Forums and for FM Pug, to promote the San Diego

user group and get to meet FM users.

Any other members wish to join me

If you can't make it to San Diego all Puggers please show up at your local Apple Store

this month to find new members and recruit members to join your group.



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It was a small turnout but it was well received. I showed up and was invited to wear the headset and command the big screen at the Apple Theater. I gave an impromptu demonstration of FileMaker and gave a very brief overview of Business Tracker there were 2 gentleman there that were very appreciative, others were hanging around w/ in earshot. (Sorry if I generalized too much) It was impromptu and didn't dose upon my Ginko Baloba

Apple store employe in charge of the presentation welcomed us back each week, I don't know If I can make it I would like to see if we can rotate a show-up by one of our members each Wednesday? Perhaps try and also make it to the other Apple Store too.

There are MANY people who visit the Apple Store inquiring for FileMaker help support, and training, and even looking for solutions and consultants. Now that we've made connections I will try hard to keep them in supply of business cards for FMPug and FM Forums.

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For an HTML version of this notice, click here

Business Day at the Apple Store February 2005


Find an Apple Store near you (http://www.apple.com/retail/)

Join FileMaker Pro for Business Day at the Apple Store. Stop by a nearby Apple Store on any Wednesday in February and learn more about FileMaker Pro 7. Attend a Business Day workshop or ask a Business Specialist to show you our demo on how you can use FileMaker Pro 7 to manage your business and creative assets. Or watch an on-demand tour of the FileMaker Business Tracker. Whether you're new to FileMaker or a long-time FileMaker customer, this is a great opportunity to learn more about the new features in FileMaker Pro 7.

So, if you can make it why not stop by and mingle with other FileMaker Pro users & developers.

Check Apple.com for details on store locations & times.

Spreading the word of the "Pug"


We are always looking for new members and your help in spreading the word of the "Pug" would be fantastic.

With this in mind please feel free to tell everyone about FMPug and the many benefits of membership while you are mingling. Just point them in the direction of the website.

Need the address again. It is... http://www.fmpug.com

If you are a member of a local FMPug chapter invite them to your next meeting. If you do not attend a chapter or do not have one in your area, tell them about the many "bennies" of Virtaul membership.


FMPug Quarters team

[email protected]


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This Wednesday (February 23rd) is the last day for the FileMaker Pro business day at your local apple store. Click here to find an Apple store near you

Spread the word and get down to your local store to see (or be seen by) other FileMaker Pro users & developers in your area.

It is a great opportunity to see how much interest there is in FileMaker Pro in your area. If you are in the vacinity of an FMPug chapter and are not a member yet, consider going to the next meeting. You can find group information here . If attending, please RSVP using this form. Of course if there is not a chapter in your area you can always start your own or join FMPug as a Virtual member. More details can be found at http://www.fmpug.com

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