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Multiple summaries from value list components


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I'm using a value list of elements with checkboxes.

For each record, an element is checked if it is used.

A record can have more than one element checked.

Records are into groups (sub-summaries).

Each group needs a summary for how many of each element are checked.

I found myself having to create a lot of fields to do this.

3 field for each element of the value list.

- a field per element with a calculation with "PatternCount"

- a summary field to get the "total" of the calculated field above:

- a group summary field for this element

Since i have 5 elements in the value list.

I have to define 15 fields.

Is there a better way?

Maybe with only 3 fields with a loop function to account for each element in the value list?

Or anything better than creating a huge list of Fields?


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How about another table for the Elements, create a relationship to the original table and check off may create new records for Elements. Show a portal with the Elements and check boxes with a value list of all the available Elements. The table elements would need the same fields for summary...

In presenting your data go to the Elements table, find the data related to the original table.

This approach may not be easier but will eliminate creation/changing of fields with changes in Elements.

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This topic is 6607 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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