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License Conflict now result of disaster

Dan Mc

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We host FileMaker Pro databases with FileMaker Server 7 Advanced. For a few months now numerous Macintosh (only) clients will get without notice "The maximum number of users...". We've extensively checked every serial number of every copy of FileMaker on all networks and all are unique. Sometimes the recipients of the message can simply reboot their Mac and get back to work. Others must wait for hours or even a full day for the issue to clear. If we reboot the server the problem clears instantly for everybody. That

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Do you have the latest update installed on the server & on the clients? V2 on the server & V3 on the clients.

I got the max users error and I went round & round with tech support. I think it is still a bug in the program. But one thing that I found helps generate this error is not using the same protocol in your file references. You need to use the same in ALL database files including the opener file you use. So you need to standardize on using fmnet:/serveripaddress/databasename or file:/database name. They need to be the same. When I upgraded our databases from 5 to 7, there was a ton of extra junk stuck in with the file references. After cleaning these up, I do not get the error nearly as much. I still get it every once in awile but not consistently like before.



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I have had the same kind of problems. Win 2000 server with FM7 server. If my Mac disconnects vie sleep the server won't release the user. Even if you use the server admin to disconnect the user. Filemaker's tech people walked me through different ways to release it with no success. Restarting the server gets things working again. He just told me not to let the computer disconnect unexpectedly. As usual with FM support they refuse to call it a bug. This bug is a real pain since many times I VPN into the network and it's not unusual to loose the connection.

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This topic is 6599 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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