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Calculation for number of clients??

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Is it possible to use a calculation, to return the number of non-identical posts based on one field.

To explain what I mean, I have a db with posts relating to clients. Every post have a client number, and in the cases where a client have multiple posts, that client number will be used over and over again.

I do need to know how many clients are in the DB, but not how many posts. So let's say this is the db:


Posts Clients

4 North

1 Smith

9 Roberts


Here I want the number 3, to reflect that there are 3 clients. Can I get that? How?



I wanted to search for an answer to my question, but could not define a search in a useful way... confused.gif

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Hey, this seem to work fine, all though I could not use the "get(filename)" parameter in the calculation(?), and as a hint to others - put the indexing to recalculate (I can't remember the correct wording in the English version)

Anyhow... would it be possible to have the resulting client numbers (from the value list) generate posts in another DB. I mean, only one post per client number?


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FM7 uses Get functions, which are equivalent to Status functions in previous versions, though I'm not sure what the equivalent would be for your language settings. The unstored option is 'do not store calculation results'.

You could loop through the value list and create a new record for each line. Something like

Freeze Window

Go to Layout [{layout associated with TO in which you wish to create new records}]

Show All Records

Show Omitted Only


Exit Loop If [not Get(FoundCount)]

Omit Record

End Loop


New Record/Request

Set Field [Client ID; Substitute( MiddleValues( ValueListItems( Get(FileName); "ClientNumberValueList" ); Get(RecordNumber); 1 );

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This topic is 6626 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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