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to Reference or not to Reference, importing images

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Thanks for those whom have answer my posts already, but I have one "underlying" question that might solve my mystery.

True / False: If you acquire an image file (by using script - Insert Picture) without selecting the REFERENCE check box, the image file will be stored on the computer you acquire the image. OR would the image be stored onto the FM5 database assuming we are dealing with FM5 server and clients machine.

Same True/False question except this time we SELECT the REFERENCE check box.

I'm having a hard time figuring out where the image really reside and more importantly is how I can allow client machine to "import" the image so that EVERYBODY on the network (access to FM5 on the network) can view the image file.

One last question is that does it matter if I use the "Insert Picture" or "Insert Object" script command to import an image? The code I'm working with now has it as "Insert Object" with LINK check box check by which a client machine is "linking" the image file to each FM5 record. The problem arises when a client machine accessing each member but CAN'T open up the image file (prompting an error of Bad Link or similar)

Thanks in advance and I hope you gurus out there can shed some light for this Young Grasshopper.

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If you import the image NOT as reference then it is in the database and everybody can see it. But depending on how many images/how big this can eventually become a problem with file size.

If you import the image as reference and the image resides on a shared drive - NOT the server database drive - then everybody that has the share mounted can see it.

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This topic is 6596 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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