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The relationship needed for a portal


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I've attached the relationship diagram I have for my invoice. Most of it works beautifully to get all the info my users will need. However, I want to relate the quotes relevant to that particular Job No, there may be many. I thought the best way to do this would be to have a portal but I can't seem to find the right relationship to do this.

I've tried relating the tbl quote by job no and quote no to tbl invoice but haven't had any luck. I must be missing something. Any ideas?


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I'm having difficulty following your structure so I will try by this example. I have a table of Patients that could have many Physicians. I then have a table of PhysicianPhoneNumbers, each physician could have many numbers, home, office, pager... To see a portal of all the physicians, you need a relationship to a PhysicianID in Patients to PhysicianID in Physician, lets call it Physician_Patients. Then to see the PhysicianPhoneNumbers, you need a relationship from the PatientID in Physician_Patients to the PatientID in PhysicianPhoneNumbers, called Physician_Patients_PhysicianPhoneNumbers. That way whatever ID is in PhysicianID in Patients will decide which PhysicianPhoneNumbers to show in the portal Physician_Patients_PhysicianPhoneNumbers in a layout from table Patient.

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This topic is 6606 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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