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auto-numbering records in a found set to generate

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Objective: I'm trying to generate a report which will automatically generate a sequential 'number' for each record in the found set.

For example: I have a database of students which contains both active and inactive students. Each school quarter, I need to create a list showing just the active students enrolled. The printed list looks like a simple spreadsheet with the fist column (# field) displaying the students number in the list. e.g., the first student record shown would display "1", the second "2", and so on...


# Student Name

--- ------------

1 Adams, Patick

2 Davis, Myla

3 Jackson, Kendal

4 Smith, Chad


Question: How do I create these numbers dynamically, so that when I run a report, they are automatically generated for each record? Obviously the number assigned to the record would depend on the sort order. Also, It wouldn't make sense to simply hard code the numeric values, since the values would change based on the total records in the found set.

Any suggestions?


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This topic is 5481 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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