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Item passed to a new database for a record


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I have a value list (pop-up with the 7 stages of our production). What I want the database to do is once you select 'a production stage' from the pop-up menu, is to copy that status to another database called "worktracking" with a date and time stamp (new line entry).

When the stage changes to the next stage (eg the user chooses the next stage from the first databases pop-up menu), I would like the event to be once again captured by the other database... at the end there should be a history of every step (every stage that was selected in the main database) so we can do tracking on the lifecycle of the job.

I not worried about the date/time stamping area... it is more - how do I get FileMaker to pass the pop-up menu change to the other database and get it to create a new record for every occurence change?

Please... if you can help.


Other database captures these results from the pop-up menu selection from the first database...

History for JobNo. 0001544

Job Entered 01/01/05

Job Allocated 02/01/05

Job OnHold 02/01/05

Job Rework 03/01/05

Job OnHold 04/01/05

Job Closed 05/01/05

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This topic is 6610 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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