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Row layout with Preview below


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I'd like to create a layout that shows a list of records above (rows) with a "preview" of the selected record below the list.

I'm a new user of Filemaker, so I would appreciate any help you folks could send my way, in terms of suggestions, templates, etc.


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Here is a sketch of how to do this:

1. Create a unique ID field for each record, one that can be calculated. Let's call it recNo.

2. Create as many calc fields as you would like to represent the context records above the current record. The value of each calc field would be something like,

context5 = recNo -5

context4 = recNo -4

context3 = recNo -3

context2 = recNo -2

context1 = recNo -1

3. Create a self-join relationship for each context record.

4. Finally, create a calc field for each context record you wish to display.

What I've given you here is a gross simplification, but the concept works.

I'd have to give it a little thought, but I think the same thing could be done more simply with portals. I chose to go with this method because I wanted a very specific look for my screen display that portals could not provide.

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I'm not certain I understand your example. I probably should have added some more detail about what I'd like to setup.

I'd like to perform a Find, and have the results returned as a list of records - rows. Then, I'd like to click on a row, and see additional fields for that record below the list.

I tried making a portal to do this, but I don't know enough about what I'm doing to get it to work. Currently, it shows only one row. Maybe I should post a question in the portal channel of the forum...

Thanks for your suggestions. I appreciate the help!


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You're right... I had had a different impression, but the general idea will still work. It's admittedly complex, but the trick is creating a number of self-joins and switching to a layout that displays context (your sorted) records.

However, your supplemental detail gives me an easier idea. Create just one self-join relationship and for each field or group of fields you wish to display, create one or more calc fields, each which contains a formula something like:

showfield = IF(recNo=me::recNo, original field, "")

Then create a columnar layout with at least 2 rows, one with the mandatory data that's always shown, and another row with the optional data- the calc fields. Set the calc fields to slide.

Thus, for all but the current record, the calc fields should be empty and 'disappear' but still show the mandatory data. The current record should show everything.

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In your preview layout create portal, which shows all records, and in the portal put a button with script, wich positions you on corresponding record(in current found set). I did it and this is not difficult to do.

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This topic is 6589 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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