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I have two files/databases/tables what have a parent and child relation. I want to search for parents that have children containing some characteristic. The result set that I want back is only those parents that have these childern.

For example:

Find all parents that have girls.

Although there may be several parents that have more than one girl, I only want to return that parents record once along with all other parents that have girls too. I have tried several approaches, the most recent being the use of "Go To Related Record" then execution of an external script in the Parent file which simply goes to a list type layout and goes into browse mode.

This is returning the first parent, and only one record. I am hoping that I can return all of the parents that meet the search criteria.

Any suggestions?


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I can think of a couple of options:

1. You can search in a portal. If you are in the Parents file, you can search for "girl" in a field that's in a portal to Children.

2. You could do your search in the Children file, then go to a Layout with just a UniqueID field and Copy All Records. Paste into a global text field. Then go to Related(Show only related) via a relationship of theGlobal to ParentUniqueID.

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This topic is 7440 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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