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Server dropping clients and other strange behaviour

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I am running Filmaker Server 5 on a Windows 2000 Professional server. We have 12 client computers on our network.

We are losing connection to the host with the following error (Communication With The Host Was Interrupted (20). This usually happens at night and we discover the problem the next morning trying to access files.

Also, sometimes we are unable to open files and get an error that the file is Single User and cannot be opened.

I've checked the Server's Application log and find the Message (User No Longer Responding, Connection Closed (17)). This seems to happen in the evening at about 9.30 pm and the message is repeated for all client computers within several minutes of each other.

I should also tell you that the automated backup is performed weeknights at 7.30 pm. Furthermore, I thought maybe the Server was dissconnecting idle users but checked and it is not set up to do that.

Any thoughs greatly appreciated.



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Windows 2000 Professional is not a Server OS. It's a workstation OS so I'm guessing the hardware is workstation grade too which may contribute to the problem.

From the "single user" error it does sound like people are trying to open files through an OS share instead of using "open remote" in FM? If that's the case turn off file sharing on the hosted files. It's really bad.

Make sure no process at all (virus scanning, backup,...) is touching the hosted files.

Other than that: double-check all network gear (NICs, switches, cables), make sure the machine is not set to spin down the hard disks or go to sleep,...

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This topic is 6937 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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