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Limiting Portal Results


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I'm working on a database to keep track of ads for a publication. I want to show the ads that each advertiser has posted in a portal on the advertiser's page. There are tables for advertisers, ads and issues. I've attached a bare bones sample. But what I want is to have the ads that show up on the advertiser's page limited by a selection menu for the date of the issue they placed ads in. It's something I've done before with another database, and I just can't figure out why it won't work here.

The advertiser Copy Layout is the one that should work with the selection menu. The plain advertiser layout should show all of the associated ads in the portal.

Any help is greatly appreciated.


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As Slobey so eloquently pointed out, your match field can't be unstored, meaning it can't reference globals or related fields. One way to deal with this that should work for the example you posted, is to use lookups to pull the information from its source table, and use the resulting stored data for the match key.

I have taken your sample and added a couple lookup fields that demonstrate this. Note that if you needed to change an Issue Month/Year after the ad records have been created, you would need to perform a Relookup on the ad::IssueID, though this doesn't seem like something you would need for this application.


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This topic is 6672 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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