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XSLT changes from v5 to v7

Michael Maher

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We have a client who has set up web page delivery via XML/XSLT from FMU 5.5 on PC. It keeps stalling - FMU has to be restarted continuously.

He wants to switch to v7 instead of paying for FMU 6 (which probably should fix his problems), and has done a reasonable job of converting his databases to v7, plus has installed FMSA7. He can demonstrate that all the server stuff is working.

But now his XSLT won't deliver the data from the dbs.

Can someone point me to exactly where I should look as to why FMU5.5's XSLT won't work with FMSA7's?

Or if this is not a simple fix, could someone also let me know that?



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Does he use server- or browser-side XSLT in v7?

In his case, I would change to server-side XSLT and use the fmresultset grammar. This will bring the advantage that the users are not restricted to Internet Explorer only. However, he has to rewrite the XSLT pages to some part. He can even use the FMPXMLRESULT grammar, but this one is not as flexible as the fmresultset grammar.

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Thanks Martin,

browser-side in v6.

fmresultset - that is probably the best way to go, but is there a doc that explains the code changes necessary?

Also, why, once he has changed his URLs, can't his old XML/XLST work? I haven't gone too deeply into this, but my reading indicates that the old client-side v6 method should still work with v7, but it doesn't. This would be a quick fix for him, while redesigning to the server-side approach.

Is there some information that goes into detail on the changes necessary for both approaches?


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This topic is 6661 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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