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i think this goes here...

the boss wants a hold button that when clicked some how displays that a record is on hold...but not by putting text into a field.. something like turning all the fields to red text and locking them...or putting the text "HOLD" over top of everything....

i don't really know how to go about this so any help would be apprieciated

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I find your post a little contradictory in that you say that your boss does not want you to put text into a field but putting the text 'HOLD' over eveything would be fine.

You are going to have to mark the record as 'held' so you are going to have to put something into a field somewhere.

In situations like this is what I have done.

I have created a text field 'Held'

Place the field 'held' on your layout and Set the field so that it cannot be edited on the layout and Set the colour and size of the text to be appropriate to the amount of attention that you wish to draw to the fact that the record is held.

Place this field repeatedly as many times as you can down the left hand side of any layout which might be necessary for the user to know if the record is held or not.

Put your 'held' button on the layout and attach the folowing script to it

If held = 'HELD'

set field held '""'


set field held 'HELD'


This will now toggle field 'held' between showing as held on your layout or just not showing at all in the case that the record is not held



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thanks thats kinda what i did i set a text black text field behind everything but at size 150 font and a button that sets it to HOLD in red and bold...and the boss jsut didn't want any of the existing values to change in the fields

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This topic is 6670 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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