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Passwords and Access to Records Issue

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I am working in a Database for Manuscripts/Abstract information for a Medical Director. What they want to do is have one database where a small number of people have full access to viewing all the records and the Authors or Principal Investigators entering in their Manuscript/Abstract Info would only have access to their own record entries. Here is the issue. I have been fooling around with the extended privileges and such. I really don't want the Admin who'll be taking care of this having to give each Author a separate ID and Password... considering the number that would be quite a large list.

I would like to keep the password and ID for the Authors sort of a generic format for all but have it work that when they enter their Names into the Author field under the Find Layout that they can only find and view their entries and no one else.

I know that I could build two separate databases to work this out that way, and have tried, but I am having an issue with building a separate data entry database and then exporting it out to the Admin one (I can't seem to get a script for it working correctly) and I would like to keep this all in one database. Any solutions or directions I might work toward? I am working in 10.3.9 right now on FMP dev 7. Any help would be appreciated.

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You can define view, edit, create, delete and field access settings by calculation from privileges settings.

For example user edit records if creator name is same to current user name.

Adam Djuby

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This topic is 6668 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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