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Creating a 'Notes' section/screen.

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Sorry if this is in the wrong section.

I am creating a membership database, in which i want to have a scratchpad/notes area for each member.

The notes area needs to be accessable via the main screen for the appropriate member.

Within the notes screen, i would like to have a drop down menu showing all the reasons why the note is being created (most of the items on the dropdown would be injuries). These are called 'Event Type Codes'.

Obviously, it would have the ability for more than one note per member, and as more notes are added - an 'overview' list of previous notes to be created. (showing - Event Type Code, Date, part of any text entered)

e.g: A member breaks a leg - a note is added, picking the Event Type Code for 'Broken Leg' from the dropdown - and the date and details added as text to the notes screen. 2 months later the same guy breaks his arm. Another note would be added, and 'Broken Arm' selected from the dropdown.

Now that 2 (or more) notes are there - a simple overview list would be created, with the ability to select one and expand the entry to show all the relevant details (same layout as the input note screen).

I have created a notes screen myself, however - i can not get it to work properly.

I have attached my database for you all to have a look. If you enter '1' '2' or '3' for the membership number, and select 'Make Note' - it will take you to the Notes screen.

The relevant Event Type Codes are already in the dropdown, and new Event Type Codes can be added from the 'Maintenance Screen' layout of the database

I can not get the membership number/name to transfer to this screen from the main members layout, and i do not know how to go about creating a auto-updating 'Notes Overview'

Can anyone please help...?

Many thanks,



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Hi Shane

The first problem is that your Make Note button simply moves to another layout based on another table. You will need more than that to create a new note. If you do not want a Notes portal on the member layout then you will have to script the creation of a new record in the Event table. So you need to grab the membership number, go to the Notes Layout, create a new record and then put the membership number into the MEMBERSHIP NUMBER field something like this:

Set Variable[$MNumber;Value;Membership::Membership Number]


New Record/Requext


attach this script to the Make Note button and that should do the first step for you.

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Again thanks for taking the time to help.

I seem to be having a problem with the script that you provided, so i am no doubt doing something wrong/silly.

I've gone into Layout Mode, right-clicked onto the 'Make Note' button.

Then i've gone to Specify Button --> Control --> Perform Script --> Specify

Optional Script Parameter --> Edit

Paste the script into the box.

It highlights the start of the script, and an error message appears and says 'The specified table can not be found'.

How do i use the script/attach it to the button..?

Kindest Regards,

Shane :-)

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Hey shane, your database is startin to look up, while this is off topic though, may i suggest that you try tabbing your solution? Users hate drilling through heirarchies they cant see, its like a return to dos... It would make your solution more intuitive & user friendly, also the colours could maybe use some work?... Have a search on google for Microsoft money 2006, and have a look at the screenshots for some design ideas... (sorry, its all constructive i promise)

anyway to the point, ive attached your file which ive added a slightly different way to add notes from what you intended...its how i add notes into all my databases... try it out, if you like it, just reverse engineer it im sure you'll work it out, if you dont... well i was bored anyway so there you go. To view the note just click it when in the current member layout...the one with the portal with all the amended changes ... its located to the right...

Hope it all helped,

(attachment lower)



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not at all, any problems deconstructing it give us a yell its failry simple... make sure you deconstruct the file and reconstruct it into your original because im quite sure i stuffed around with something i shouldnt have :


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Hi Genx,

Happy New Year.

I am posting this in regards to the help that you kindly provided in creating the 'Notes' section for my membership database.

The solution you came up with is great, and works wonderfully for my needs.

However, i have a query which i hope you can again help me with.

On the 'Amend Details' layout of the database, i would like to be able to have certain fields auto-generate a Note when the data in them is amended.

These fields are:







These auto-generated notes would ideally have the following format:

Name: Name Change

Address: Address Change

Lodge: Lodge Transfer

District: District Change

Factory: Factory Change

Occupation: Occupation Change

(Currently new Notes already insert a date stamp).

Please could you give me any help/advice on if/how this could be done.

I'd appreicate anything that you could offer.

Sorry for posting this request in this manner, but i can not see any email address for you listed - in order to contact you privately.

I have attached the latest copy of the database so you can see its current state.

Again, many thanks.

Kindest Regards,

Shane ;)-)


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This topic is 5746 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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