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im in deep trouble!!!!! i was following the techbrief_fm8_server_auth white paper. On page 55, i checked use windows authentication, chose login using account but i leave it blank. After i closed and open my server admin, i not able to login anymore even without user name and pass. We have number of files running in it, my boss will kill mi if he knows we not able to access to server admin now!!!



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I guess you didn't read the white paper too well : It clearly says that registering with the directory service is *not* needed for external authentication.

You must have changes something else because whatever you set on that tab (directory service) will either make that registration fail or work. Either way something is logged in the event logs but it does not prevent FM from working.

What settings did you use in the "Administration" tab? Those settings will allow you to use the SAT tool or prevent you from doing that.

If you toggled the 3rd option "requires membership of the FMSADMIN" group then you need to make sure such a group exists on the domain and that you're a member of it.

What you can do to get by this is go in the registry to the FM Server preferences section and delete the AdminAuth key. This will reset FMS admin to it's default:

- no remote admin

- no pw required

You will then need to use the SAT tool on the FMS machine itself to change those settings again to what you need them to be.

If you're not familiar with the registry, then don't mess it with.

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This topic is 5760 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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